“My current gig just recorded here and it’s an amazing facility. Matt is one hell of an engineer. If you’re in a band and want top notch recording and production, check it out.”   -Jeff Bain – Sgt. Larry & The Souljers

“Ledbelly Sound is professional, courteous and a great value for the working musician with limited bread.
Matt is a great engineer who is a master at his craft. I would record at Ledbelly without a second thought.
Everything they have provided me with is superb.”
– Eric Bigelow – Level/Palace Of The Fallen

“One of the best things about recording at Ledbelly with Matt is that he listens to you
when you tell him what you want, gives you what you really need, and will tell you to your face
when something is crap and doesn’t work.
– T. Van Voris – Crumsy Pirates

“Great gear and fun environment. Matt is professional and kicks ass!! Couldn’t have asked for a better  experience and finished product! Ledbelly is the place to go!!”
– Joey Robertson – Stone Mountain Freeway/Tyler Porch Band/Doctor Proper

“By far the most relaxing and fun place to record while getting a killer sounding record!!”
– Corey Long – Icepick/Lilitu/Legion Of Carcoroth

“I’ve worked with Matthew Washburn since 1996. I too remember the original Led Belly!
Since then ive Came back over 2 dozen times in 3-4 different bands & recommend Led Belly Sound to all
musicians that want a professional product at a great rate.”
– Justin Naylon – Neuroblast

“Hands down the best studio and sound engineer I’ve ever worked with. Matthew Washburn made Ledbelly Sound
feel like a second home to us, as well as find and develop our sound the way we envisioned.
In my opinion the best place around.”
– Kenny Zacher – Field Of Monoliths/Iron Shroud

“If your looking for a fun, laid back, yet professional environment, that will truly find your band’s ultimate sound,
it’s at LedBelly Sound Studio. You will be hard pressed to find a finer studio, or engineer.”
– Caustic Thought

“When selecting a studio to record our last album we wanted a big budget sound at a small budget price.
For us, the studio was a vacation so we didn’t want to be rushed. We didn’t want a cookie-cutter record.
We wanted an engineer that was really listening to what WE wanted rather than just kind of “phoning it in.”
We really got more than we asked for with Ledbelly Sound. Matt is a technically excellent engineer and very
hands-on with the recording process but his real strength is acting as a producer and a second set of ears.
With his experience behind the board we were able to unlock sounds we didn’t even know we were
capable of producing. When a local mastering house botched our mastering job, we even came back to Matt
for that! I would definitely recommend Matt Washburn, his staff, and Ledbelly Sound to anyone looking to
take their sound to the next level.”
– Chris DiTuri – Fifteenth Summer

“I’ve worked with Matt and Ledbelly countless times over the years. It’s an amazing studio with more gear
than you will ever need. The vibe makes you want to create. Matt is a wise man and a great mentor to many,
many in the Atlanta musical community. Here are just a few reasons you need to book a session today:

1. Matt can be whatever you need him to be: Engineer, Producer, Mixer, Guitar tech, or vocal coach.
He will serve you like no other studio owner will. Matt is also a great teacher. He is happy to show you
exactly what he is doing and let you learn as you make your record.

2. Ledbelly has a big fat analog board (that big thing with all the knobs on it). This is a VERY RARE thing
for a studio at this price range to have. The board makes everything sound better and work faster.
It won’t tune your guitar for you or make your lyric rhyme but it will do things a computer just can’t do.

3. Matt is not 23. He has many more decades of experience than your cousin with a laptop or your Garage Band
guru buddy. That means your project will sound more like the “real thing” in less time. As Matt has been
gaining all that wisdom he has also been buying stuff with cash (Ledbelly is an incredibly run business as well)
which means you have many more tools at your disposal than those who simply have a microphone and a laptop.

4. Fellow producers (like myself and others in the area) still hire Ledbelly for it’s space, gear, and expertise.
Even though I have lots of gear myself it’s amazing to have a full-service recording studio at these rates.

I’ve tracked little girls singing hymns, metal, string quartets, and Christian pop at Ledbelly. It’s an amazing
recording studio overseen by a great owner.”
– Mike O’Brien – producer