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The Mastodon Connection

Most of you know who Mastodon is; one of the best, heaviest bands to come out of Atlanta in the last 15 years. But did you know that they recorded their first album, ‘Lifesblood’ at LedBelly Sound Studio? In fact LedBelly mixed, mastered, and produced the release as well.
Their second full length, ‘Remission’ was edited at LedBelly Sound in 2002.
Mastodon contributed “The Bit” in 2005 to the compilation ‘ We Reach: The Music Of The Melvins’, which was tracked, mixed, and mastered At LedBelly.
Need More?….In 2006, ‘Call Of The Mastodon’ was released. It is a collection of the ‘Lifesblood’ sessions plus unreleased tracks. The album was re-mixed, and re-mastered at LedBelly Sound Studio.
Producer Matt Matthew Washburn was contacted by Metal Hammer UK magazine to recall the early days working with the guys in Mastodon, which appeared in their April 2014 article.
Now you know why those who can record anywhere, come here.

LedBelly Sound Studio on The Walking Dead!?….well, sort of

As many of you know, AMC’s The Walking Dead is filmed in and around Atlanta.
Many of the bands we record work on the show as extras, set dressers or know people who do work on the show.
The episode that aired on 10/27/13 featured ‘Darryl’ asking ‘Mechonne’ for a CD while driving in a car. There is a quick glimpse of the top CD in the case which happens to be a CD by Atlanta band Synchro Nine Factor which LedBelly Sound Studio recorded and worked on.
If that weren’t cool enough, the episodes airing on 2/9/14 and 2/16/14 featured ‘Rick’ and ‘Carl’ holed up in a house with walls covered in custom posters designed by and featuring LedBelly Sound Studio alum Dead Ripe.
Congratulations to these bands. Keep up the good work guys! Shameless self promotion is a good thing.